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Girls' Lacrosse

Registration Opens January 15

US Lacrossse Level 1PCA Coaching Clinic

WELCOME: The GSPAA Girls Lacrosse program is an all volunteer organization. The program is one of the largest in Anne Arundel County. In 2017, the Girls Lacrosse Program had OVER 400 girls participating. The teams ( Pee Wee, Middie and Juniors ) play in the county and on any day of the week from April to early June. The emphasis is on instruction in a positive and fun environment.

STINGER/CLINIC PROGRAM: Our Stingers (K-2) will play on Saturdays at Severna Park Middle School and will also have one weekday practice. On Saturday there will be a 1/2 of instruction followed by a 1/2 game. The season runs from Mid April to late May.

ABOUT: The Green Hornets Girls' Lacrosse Program has the following requirements. Each girl must have a girl's stick and a colored mouthguard - cleats are recommended but not required. Uniforms will be provided. Eye gear is mandatory as of Jan. 2005. Goalies must wear shin guards, which will be provided by Green Hornets. Goalie equipment is provided to each team. A $50 deposit will be collected by each coach for uniforms and will be returned atnthe end of the season when the uniform is returned in the same condition as it was supplied.

TEAMS: The teams are determined by: number of volunteer coaches, parents and player requests, coaches requests and geographic area.
All Pee Wee teams: no divisions for this age group.
Middie teams are placed per coaches requests, ie; A, B, or C division. Jr. teams are placed per coaches requests, ie; A, B or C division. THERE WILL BE NO TRYOUTS THIS YEAR FOR THE A TEAM.

SEASON: Practices begin in early March with games being played from March to early June.
Games are played any day of the week. Travel within the county is involved since we participate in a county league.

AGE RANGE: Stinger/Clinic: Grade K-2
Pee Wee: Grade 3-4
Middie: Grade 5-6
Juniors : Grade 7-8

Stinger/Clinic - $70
Pee Wees - $105
Middies and Juniors - $105

COMMISSIONER: Randy Hoffmaster


Stingers/Clinic: Meredith Weber
Pee-Wee: Jenn Edwards
Middie: Chris Lamon
Junior: Jeff Griffith


Last updated 1/17/2020

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