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Green Hornets Cheerleaders Rock!

**Volunteers Needed! Interested in Coaching? or helping one of our committees? Join us for a rewarding and fun experience :)**

On Time Winter Registration is Sept 15th – Oct 15th, sign ups after this date will incur a $25 late fee. Final registration is Nov 15th.

WINTER SEASON: The Winter Season is our competitive season and we do NOT cheer any games. The season runs Nov – March. We will be participating in 3 competitions:

  • 1/20 - Local
  • 2/18 - Local
  • 3/3 - Local
*All events have a spectator fee (approx. $12-20)*

Practice will be 2 nights a week (90min – 2 hour closed practices), with a 3rd gym before each competition.

*Please be sure you will be able to commit to these dates and below requirements before registering*

Uniform Items/Expenses

We rent our Uniform Shell and Skirt. A $100 deposit check will be held and returned once the clean damage free uniform is received at the end of the season.

Competition Bow INCLUDED.

Mock, Briefs and Cheers shoes are the same as Fall. If you did not participate in the Fall season or need new sizes, you will need to order these items by Nov 15th

Black shorts for practice.

Our dedicated volunteer coaches will help to expand your young athlete’s skills and confidence! We will go over sideline cheers, motions, jumps, stunts, choreography and some tumbling. Tumbling is an important skill for cheerleaders – it is STRONGLY encouraged that your child participate in a tumbling class to advance their skill and safely execute the competitive routines. Ask your coaches for local tumbling class recommendations.


*IMPORTANT* Cheer is a unique sport in which EVERY position is in constant play and EQUALLY important - WE NEED FULL ATTENDANCE AT PRACTICE AND COMPETITIONS.

You must inform the Head Coach of any scheduling conflicts or illness. Continued tardiness or missed practice may result in being removed from the competition routine and only involved in Game Day Cheering. This policy is out of fairness and safety to the entire squad and respect of our volunteer coach’s dedication and time.

Age is determined as of 9/1. Divisions are based on 6u, 8u, 10u, 12u.

Winter 2017 fee: $280

FAQ: Why is Cheer such an expensive sport? Cheer has competition entry fees, music & licensing fees, rental of professional gym space and other costs that add up. Also, are registration numbers are drastically lower than the hundreds that participate in other SPGH leagues, there are less registrants to cover our fixed costs. When you divide the registration fee by 12 weeks it is about the same as other hour weekly classes around town but you get SOOOO much more!

In addition to the registration fee a $100 Uniform Deposit Check will be collected. This will include the Uniform Shell and Skirt. The check will be held and returned once the clean and damage free uniform is returned at the end of the season. The deposit check will be cashed if uniforms not returned or returned stained/damaged. Please be sure the below additional requirements are purchased prior to your first practice (allow for shipping and resizing returns).
*You can check the local B/S/T consignment page for any used gear* Link


PRACTICE ATTIRE: SPGH Cheer Shirt, black soffe shorts, white no-show ankle socks, white cheer shoes only (NO sneakers!), hair secured in a high ponytail. {No jewelry, booty shorts, sports bras covered}

GAME DAY & COMPETITION ATTIRE: Full Uniform (no mock on hot days), white no-show ankle socks, white cheer shoes, secured high ponytail, and cheer bow.

We will have several fundraisers throughout the season. Full participation is appreciated. Upcoming events will be emailed and posted on our Facebook page.


The purpose of this website is to be as informative as possible about the SPGH Cheerleading Program. Please feel free to contact to the Cheer Commissioner with any questions, concerns or if you would like to volunteer.

Cheer Commissioner - Wendy Greenleaf

Last updated 2/19/2018.

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